Colorbar SINFUL MATTE Lipsticks

At the start, these lipsticks didn’t garner much attention, but girl why isn’t there much bang for these. I know these are already a favourite for few, but for those who don’t know about them, here’s the long launched Colorbar SINFUL MATTE Lipsticks. Let’s explore these beautiful lipsticks in town and then we’ll see its drawbacks. In this post, I […]

How to make lipstick stay longer?

Imagine you have just reached a party and after a sip from your cocktail glass, you realize that the lipstick you just had applied has long disappeared. Yes, I’m sure you can relate because this is the story of our lives… Be it a date, a party or a meeting, we all want our lipsticks to hang out a little […]

Natural remedies for chapped lips: Causes and Prevention

Are you feeling low because of your chapped lips? Your lips are the attraction of your face. Chapped lips can become an embarrassment for you in your workplace, parties or events.  It makes you uncomfortable and can make you feel low. But this is the problem of every single woman of this country.  Whenever the season changes it reflects on […]

Amazing benefits of using Aloe Vera

Have you ever heard of lily of the desert, burn plant and elephant’s gall?  These are the different names of Aloe Vera know in different regions across India. Do you know that this plant that your mother grows in your balcony or garden can do wonders for your skin?  For centuries Aloe Vera is used in Ayurvedic and homeopathic treatments. […]

What are the benefits of onion oil?

Have you ever used an onion on your skin? Yes, onions are not only for adding flavors to your food. It’s not just a simple kitchen staple… Onion oil has a wide range of benefits for your health, hair, and skin. For centuries people are living in the misconception that onion oil comes from the onion. But you are highly […]

5 easy ways to cure dandruff

How to get rid of dandruff? Don’t stress! With the changing weather dry scalp, itchy scalp, and oily scalp is a natural problem. But we get easily stressed because of it. And try every dandruff shampoo to cure our dandruff. But what if I tell you that you don’t need to spend money. Yes, you can get rid of your […]