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Henna, better regarded as one of India’s most common beauty ingredients, has been taking care of most of our hair problems since ancient times. People around the world have been taking guidance from their mother and grandma to add henna to their hair for years, if not centuries, and to enjoy the rewards.

It’s a go-to product for any natural hair care enthusiast. But, do you learn that, aside from being an incredibly fantastic product for naturally dyeing hair, henna provides several other beauty benefits? This powerful beauty product should be used to improve optimal beauty quality. Let’s find out how henna helps improve overall hair intensity and development.

1. Henna Maintains Scalp Health

Henna is getting a calming impact on the scalp. Henna’s antifungal and antimicrobial effects help preserve the protection of the scalp by treating numerous scalp issues such as dandruff, scalp itchiness, etc. It helps to eliminate impurities from the scalp, and also helps avoid dandruff.

2. Henna Balances PH levels and Oil production

Not only does henna help you hold dandruff at bay, but it is also an outstanding ingredient for controlling the pH and oil output of your scalp. This helps to extract accumulated oils from the scalp, activate follicles, and improve the natural working of the sebaceous glands.

3. Henna Curbs Hair Fall and Boosts Hair Growth

Strengthened scalp health, improved pH rates, and unclog pores that we mentioned above help stop hair from dropping and encourage healthy hair development. Henna not only makes your hair grow quicker, but it also increases the quality of your hair.

4. Henna Strengthens and Repairs Hair

Henna’s nutrients aid restores hair loss while still nourishing the hair. It serves to secure the hair of the cuticle, which results in more lustrous hair locks. This also helps to boost hair elasticity.

5. Henna Conditions Hair

Henna helps create a protective layer around each of your hair shafts, seal in the moisture, and keep your hair healthy. It can be very effective when used along with other hydrating ingredients. Henna tends to reduce problems like split ends and hair breakage.

How to Use Henna to Color Your Hair

Many manufacturers prescribe the production of a mixture of Henna Powder and Indigo Powder for brown hair. 

Take these quick measures to turn the color dark to reddish-brown.

  1. Place HENNA Powder in the iron pot in Tea Water or coffee Water during the night (100 gms short, 200 gms long shoulder hair, 300 gms long hair). (The addition of coffee renders henna’s red color more noticeable.)
  2. If you like, apply a splash of lemon juice. Add yogurt or egg for extra conditioning.
  3. Apply the paste on the next day to clean, product-free hair for 2 hours, depending on the desired intensity.
  4. Rinse well with water and repeat as many times as you like. Don’t use shampoo.
  5. Clean your hair the following day with a purifying shampoo. You may choose Ayurvedic shampoos for the hair. Unlike other shampoos, herbal shampoos purify the hair by dragging the skin free of their natural oils.

Henna is an ideal product for the development and vitality of hair. Yet you should use it in conjunction with other products for added protein and other benefits.

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