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“Why do you spend so much on buying creams for your face?”
From that day I got to know the amazing benefits of ubtan from my grandmother. And today I’m going to share the same recipe with you.
First let’s discuss, what is ubtan?
It is made with natural ingredients that you can found in your kitchen. In our Indian culture ubtan is very popular as it is used in wedding rituals. Owing to its popularity, it is available as pre-made masks in market.
But why purchase it from market, when we can make it at home. With the right recipe and right ingredients you can make perfect ubtan for glowing and clear skin. There are different kind’s ubtan you can make at home. According to the availability of ingredients at your home, you can decide which one to make. You can make ubtan face wash, scrub, packs, etc.
What are the ingredients for ubtan?

Here is the list of basic ingredients for making an ubtan pack:
⦁ Gram flour (besan)
⦁ Lemon juice
⦁ Sandalwood powder
⦁ Turmeric
⦁ Raw milk or milk cream
⦁ Wheat bran
⦁ Yoghurt
⦁ Rose water
So here is our first recipe of Ubtan pack: This one is very easy and gives you the clear, glowy skin.

  1. Besan & Raw Milk Ubtan:
    ⦁ One of the most popular ingredients to go into an ubtan, gram flour is combined with sandalwood powder and raw milk to make a paste
    ⦁ Gram flour acts as an exfoliator and removes dead skin cells, sandalwood powder cools your skin, and raw milk moisturises and lightens your skin
    ⦁ Now apply this ubtan on cleansed skin.
    ⦁ Let it dry thoroughly
    ⦁ Don’t talk for 15-30 minutes.
    ⦁ Lie down and just relax.
    ⦁ You can also put thinly sliced cucumbers placed on your eyes.
    ⦁ The pack can then be washed off using cold water
  2. Gram Flour & Wheat Bran Ubtan: Apply this ubtan pack for instant glowing skin. This pack can also be used for your body.
    ⦁ Mix gram flour, wheat bran, yoghurt or milk cream, and a bit of turmeric
    ⦁ Keep the paste ready.
    ⦁ The ubtan can then be applied on your skin and left for at least 30 minutes.
    ⦁ Use firm but gentle circular motions, when you are applying ubtan on your face.
    ⦁ The ubtan can be washed off with lukewarm water
  1. Besan & Lemon Ubtan: This ubtan pack is especially for tan removal. It also helps you get rid of marks and dead skin cells.
    ⦁ Mix gram flour, lemon juice, sandalwood powder, red lentil powder, turmeric powder and rose water.
    ⦁ Make a paste of medium consistency – not too runny, not too thick
    ⦁ Apply on the skin. Let it dry for some time.
    ⦁ Don’t touch it.
    ⦁ Wash with lukewarm water

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