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Everything has changed significantly for all of us over the last few weeks. The Government advises that people stay at home as much as possible in an attempt to minimize the ability to transmit COVID-19 and to prevent crippling the hospital system. The Government also recommends that you stay at least six feet away from others, always wash your hands and wear masks outside your house.

Of note, this has influenced other aspects of life — including routine beauty services! We can’t head to the spa and explore our hair, manicures and pedicures are a fading dream, and advanced waxing services are on ice.

In periods of high tension and confusion, makeup rituals and self-care can appear frivolous — but they can also be helpful. Pampering yourself lifts your morale and offers you a feeling of normality through stressful incidents. Check out a few options to give yourself an emotional and physical pick-up when you’re in quarantine.

Hair color

Ladies all over the world discover their roots — literally. Grays go unnoticed, and the blonds undergo psychological problems regularly. It is where the perfect, gentle color of the hair of Tins of Nature comes in! The products are organic, cruelty-free, and do not include many of the toxic chemicals that other packaged dyes produce. So go ahead and seek a different hue (or even cover up the hues that you don’t want)!

Nail care

A lot of us are lacking our mani / pedi appointments (no one more than the women who make a living take care of us. Try giving a coupon to your beauty stylist or nail designer at this period to support them when they’re sacrificing an income!). Give yourself a DIY manicure with natural nail care materials, including emery boards, cuticle butter, nail clippers, and organic, cruelty, and formaldehyde-free nail polish in a variety of mineral fusion colors.


Apart from the evening skin tone and showcasing our best characteristics, makeup is an imaginative means of self-expression, and everything that makes use of our creative brain at this period is highly advantageous. Now is the time to be creative (why not?)—consider a daring new lip color, a gluten-free, long-lasting lipstick — or consider a mineral-based, organic, and cruelty-free eye shadow.


Get a new start by removing the layers of dry skin and applying a facial peel made with natural ingredients. Green Apple Peel utilizes raw, gluten-free ingredients that leave the skin bright which radiant.  Peeling Cream eliminates the development of wrinkles and brightens the face that can feel dark during successive days indoors.

Foot care

It’s fair to assume that plenty of us consider ourselves barefoot more frequently than not these days. Now that your legs are having a lot of face time, give them some attention. Exfoliate with a moisturizing solution that helps eradicate dead skin for a few weeks (meaning you’ll be fully sandal-ready when it’s time to see people again). And consider washing and shaving raw feet with the cruelty-free Bamboo Foot Brush & Pumice eco-tools.


Long baths are a privilege that none of us can manage, so now that we’ve all got more time on our hands, why don’t we enjoy a nice soak? Relax in a bathtub full of water or soak the muscles in the Epsom salts to let the heat flow down the drain. Would you want to be very extravagant? Stick on a ginseng anti-aging mask when you’re bathing, and you’ll come out of the quarantine feeling clean and new.


Whether you’re desperate to miss your eyebrow esthetician (or you’ve discovered leftover hair in areas you never imagined you would), we’ve got you: use these slanted grip tweezers to catch some excess hair quickly and cleanly. Or you can also brave at-home waxing with hair-removal range for both the body and the face.

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