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Nurses are the silent caregivers of our society who work in the shadows and heal people every day. The people who take up this profession are the true heroes of our society who take care of ailing people and help them get back on their feet. Nurses have made valuable contributions to mankind throughout history and are still continuing with the good work. All over the world, International Nurses Day is celebrated on March 12 to appreciate their contribution.

History of the event

The International Council of Nurses has coined and celebrated this day since 1965. Though Dorothy Sutherland proposed to President Eisenhower in 1953 to introduce a day for celebrating and appreciating all those unsung souls working as nurses, the plea was rejected. It was much later in 1965 when the day actually came into existence to celebrate and remember the precious contributions that nurses make to society.

Coronavirus Warriors

Throughout the world, nurses continue to cater people suffering from COVID-19 and nurse them back to health. If you happen to know someone who is a nurse, it is time to say thank you to that person. Though the modern day image of the nurses has evolved quite a lot and has become closer to that of a health care worker, the core values still remain the same.

Nurses have been working day & night, 24*7 since the COVID-19 outbreak and are working without fear for the betterment of the society. It feels good to say that they are no longer the Unsung Heroes, instead the world has now become more aware and admire their work.

Time to recognize the efforts of nurses

Nurses Day is a way to make people understand how important this profession is in maintaining the fabric of this society. All of us need to be more vocal in our support for the people in this profession, and this particular day happens to be the best time of the year to go about it. Quite a few organizations throughout the world try to protect the rights of people in the nursing profession and aims to give them a better work environment.

So, let us pledge our unanimous support to all these wonderful people and pay our gratitude to these bright souls. Every single “thank you note” might bring a smile to someone who was there for you in the hour of need. Go ahead and make this Nurses Day successful.

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