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The Internet is brimming with do-it-yourself healthy skincare hacks that guarantee astonishing results utilizing fixings handily found in your kitchen or restroom. While these excellence tips and hacks may be regular and practical, would they say they are extremely productive and all the more significantly, safe? Well, the answer is “Not generally”.

Here are some of the DIY skincare hacks that you must avoid

Baking soda has been increasing a great deal of prevalence in the excellence world all thank the multitudinous advantages it brings along. Baking soda is exceptionally acidic and is liable for stripping ceaselessly your skin’s characteristic boundary. This leaves your skin too dry and delicate, making it produce more oil to overcompensate for the absence of dampness prompting unreasonably oily skin, acne, clogged pores, and so on.

Glue to dispose of clogged pores

This seems like a fun DIY task, isn’t that right? Apply a dainty layer of glue on your nose, permit it to dry, and afterward simply strip it off? However, it’s not a good time for your skin and we’ll reveal to you why. Although you may utilize non-poisonous glue which is alright for the skin on your hands, it doesn’t mean it is safe to be applied to your face. This may cause severe unfavorably susceptible responses and may leave your skin clogged and raw.

Utilizing toothpaste on pimples

This is an extremely normal DIY hack to dispose of zits and pimples overnight, however, be careful, because this accompanies a great deal of skin-damaging impacts. The fixings, for example, menthol, hydrogen peroxide, and so forth are not intended to be applied onto your skin, not to mention permit them to sit for the time being. Aside from exorbitantly drying out your skin, this DIY hack likewise makes your skin too sensitive and damage it.

Coconut oil

This may appear to be a sin to remember for the list since coconut oil is known as a successful home solution for saturating dry and fragile hair. It’s another story with regards to utilizing it as a face cream. It is exceptionally comedogenic, which implies it will clog your pores.


Utilizing sugar as a body scrub is fine since the skin on our arms and legs are much stronger, yet it’s distinctive with regards to our face. It’s rough, precise edges are grating and can cause smaller scale tears on your skin. In case you’re searching for some genuine exfoliation, you’re in an ideal situation utilizing acid based toners.

Rubbing liquor

As indicated by DIY masters, utilizing scouring liquor as a toner can keep your oil under control. Indeed, it might limit the shine for some time; however, it can likewise seriously dry out your skin, leaving it tight, dry, and irritated.  

Normal ingredients for skincare are always suggested, yet not all things in your kitchen make great healthy skincare products. Before you fire concocting an exfoliator, facial strip, and lip plumper, stop to investigate the ingredients you’re utilizing and how they will influence your skin. Numerous famous elements for homemade skin medicines will exacerbate skin as opposed to improving it. Heating pop, lemon juice, cinnamon, and raw egg whites can dry out your skin, cause a rash or blotchiness, and lead to a breakout.

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